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Puppy Named River Homeless And Huddled Between Two Rocks Was Freezing To Death Under A Bridge. When This Cop Learned Of The Puppy's Tragedy, She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

February 20, 2018

After reading about so many tragic animal stories, we often find ourselves in a difficult position; we want to personally help every animal that we hear about being in tragedy, but many times, we have to leave that up to someone else. That’s why when we hear stories like this, we are overdone with gratitude!


In the middle of January, an anonymous caller reached out to the Daytona Police Department letting them know that a puppy was helplessly living underneath a city bridge. When rescuers arrived, they were heartbroken to see a very young puppy taking refuge between two large rocks as freezing river water splashed up against the pup.


When they finally got to the puppy, she was shaking from the chill and extremely underweight. They quickly got the poor puppy to the animal shelter where she was able to get the love and care she needed.

A couple days later, one of the Daytona Beach officers came by to check on another dog she had rescued only days before. When she arrived, she heard crying coming from another kennel. She looked over at the extremely tiny grey Pitbull puppy.


Just as soon as the puppy was in the arms of the officer, she stopped her crying and relaxed in the arms of the officer. The animal shelter works said that it was the first time that she had relaxed since she had been at the animal shelter.


In that very moment, the officer decided that this little puppy named River was going to be hers! She signed the necessary papers then and there so that once River was healthy enough, she would be going home with her new mom, Officer Kera Cantrell.


Officer Kera said that she felt an immediate bond with River and she even cried. She said it was especially difficult for her to see those helpless being taken advantage of- she was referring to animals, children, and the elderly.

River finally made it home with Officer Kera and when she did, she fit in perfectly with Kera’s other three rescued dogs. Surely, River was right at home with Officer Kera and her sweet rescue dogs.


We love this story for so many reasons and we are so thankful for Officer Kera who went above and beyond to rescue River.

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