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Draft Horses Were Destined For Slaughter House. In The Nick Of Time, A Kind Hearted Woman Stepped In And Said, ‘Not Today!’

February 23, 2018

Animals have a mind and spirit all their own. They want nothing more than to live an abundant, carefree life without fear of neglect or misuse. Unfortunately, there are millions of animals worldwide who experience the latter on a daily basis. It’s heartbreaking to know that there are humans who don’t value the preciousness of animals.

Draft horses tend to be mistreated more times than not. They are primarily used as workhorses and the neglect that is found in many situations is heartbreaking. Their health fails, their inadequately fed, and, as they age, they are left to waste away to nothing. Many send their old draft horses to a sale in hopes of them being purchased by a kill buyer.

An organization called Gentle Giants came along and said, “Not anymore!” They work to preserve and enhance the lives of neglected and mistreated draft horses. Through their time in operation, they have successfully turned around the lives of hundreds through their loving care.

“Gentle Giants is a loving place for a horse to come and receive some rehabilitation after having a life that may not have been great,” a passionate volunteer stated.

Their ultimate goal is to bring a voice to the voiceless creatures. At their facility, they provide a nurturing environment where horses will receive shelter, food, medical treatment, and, most importantly, love. They are the people that stand between life and death of these precious animals.

“Our motto is rescue, rehab, retrain, and rehome.”

Their efforts have proven to be undeniably successful, and they have saved the lives of countless draft horses. They’ve helped these gentle giants find forever homes where all they’ll experience is love and sheer adoration. Check out the video, below, to learn more about this incredible program.


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