After Failing To Catch The Ball 12 Times, No One Ever Expected His Final Attempt To Go Like This

February 23, 2018

Skottke is one gorgeous German Shepherd who is always looking to have a good time playing with his friends, family, and his toys. Of course, just because he loves to play with his toys, doesn’t mean he’s particularly good at it. In fact, I’d say he’s actually quite bad at it!

That’s never stopped him from wanting to play, however, and it has resulted in some truly magnificent moments. One of his favorite toys of all is his green tennis ball. He loves to try and catch it, try being the important word there. Every time his owner gently throws the ball to his rambunctious pup, he can’t help but fail and drop it in some rather spectacular ways!

His owner knew that his adorable fails needed to be documented for everyone to enjoy, so he made sure to record them all! After recording 12 failed catches by Skottke, he could feel it. The next one was sure to be a winner, right? It had to be a game of odds! As the thirteenth ball came into play, Skottke caught it directly in his jaws, proving his owner right. Even though it took quite a few tries, he finally managed it. Good job, Skottke!