BREAKING NEWS! 50 dogs rescued. Read this story to find out how you can help and SHARE if you believe every dog deserves a loving home. [VIDEO]

Every dog deserves a loving home. Sometimes well intended animal owners get in situations out of their control. That's what it sounds like happened to a man in Arkansas On...

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Poor Fifi Lived in Horrible Conditions and Her Health Was Quickly Failing. Once Rescuers Found Her, They Knew They HAD To Work Quickly

Over 30 years ago, a little bear cub named Fifi was brought to a roadside "zoo" in Pennsylvania. Her living...

Woman Caught Wind That Five Puppies Needed a Foster Home. Once She Laid Eyes on Them, She Couldn’t Believe How Incredibly RARE They Were!

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You've Never Seen A "BLT" Like THIS Before! [VIDEO]

LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS!  We all remember when Dorothy and her friends begin their chant of dangerous animals that are...

After 30 Heartbreaking Years In A Research Lab, This Chimpanzee Is Rescued And Has A Second Chance At Motherhood In A Way No One Saw Coming!

Chimpanzees are one of the smartest and most human-like creatures. Therefore, putting them in captivity and using them for research...

Dog Is Dropped 30 Feet Onto Cement And That’s Not Even The Worst Part. Watch His Miraculous Recovery

When rescuers are called out to pick up an animal they don't always know what they will find. An emergency...

Terrified Mother Bolts Out of Her House and Immediately Hands Her Baby Over to a Complete Stranger [VIDEO]

It was a typical day in Greer, South Carolina. Stephanie Cooper was at home with her 11-month-old son, Eli. Suddenly,...