Canyon Climber Noticed Something Unusual On His Hike. He Was SHOCKED To Find THIS At The Bottom Of The Canyon! [VIDEO]

When Zach went rappelling into a canyon one Saturday morning he was expecting a normal day.  After a relatively easy hike, Zach began to rappel further into the canyon!  Once...


From Sad and Lonely To A Friend To All [VIDEO]

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Rescuers Dig 18 Feet In For The Most Epic Puppy Rescue Ever! [VIDEO]

He was the First of Four Children to Survive Beyond a Week. The Reason Why is HEARTBREAKING. The SOLUTION is INCREDIBLE! [VIDEO]

When the organization known as "Save the Children" met a mother in Bangladesh named Shipra she was holding an adorable...

After Living In A Cage For Years, This Bear Is Splashing For Joy! [VIDEO]

When Tuffy was rescued from a bile farm in Asia, he could barely move. Bears like Tuffy are kept in...

Rescuers Were Called To Transform A Pony's Life- No One Knew What They'd Be Working With

When rescuers arrived at a small shack in Belgium, they were shocked to see the deplorable circumstances that a Shetland...

Runner needs help. Check out who came to her rescue. [VIDEO]

I'm a runner. For me, the hardest part is making the choice to go for a run.Once I've laced up...

When Rescue Team Arrives at Scene They are SHOCKED at What They Find in This DRAIN PIPE! [VIDEO]

A rescue team in East Sussex, England received a call one early May afternoon to come rescue a fox cub. ...

After Living on the Streets of Thailand and a 17 Hour Flight to AMERICA, Kanya the Puppy Finds Her FOREVER HOME! [VIDEO]

Kanya had a horrendously hard start in life.    Being born on the streets of Thailand she immediately was under...