Disabled Woodchuck Gets RESCUED, Has New Life She "WOOD" Only Dream Of!

February 01, 2017

Who doesn't love having a warm and cuddly snuggle buddy? Having one that is absolutely adorable makes it even better!

Molly Ryan can very much so relate. Molly, who is a wildlife rehabber, has been nursing Coco the woodchuck back to health since she was found almost unresponsive. 

Coco has made herself right at home with Molly and has become the biggest snuggler while she's been on the mend. She will snuggle with anyone, or any animal, who is willing. 

“She would snuggle up right by me and make sure part of her body was touching me all night,” Molly said.

During Coco's recovery, it was discovered that she is actually blind, which seems to only encourage her snuggling habits. 

Now that Coco is unable to go back into the wild, due to her disability, she is a permanent member of the family. Now Coco can have a life filled with the snuggles she seems to love so much!

“There is nothing that makes getting out of bed harder than having to leave a gently snoring round fluffball of snuggling woodchuck,” Molly said.

Do you have furry friend who loves to cuddle this much?

Watch the video below to see Coco enjoying her snuggles!