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Terrified Rescue Dog Did Not Trust Anyone. Then One Woman Showed Him Love For The Very First Time [VIDEO]

June 05, 2017

When I first met my dog, Sammie, he wasn't sure what to make of me. He had been in the system for a while and didn't know what do when he was no longer confined behind bars. After I got him home, it took a few days for him to warm up to me and his new surroundings. After he realized that he was in his new home and that he was loved, he completely changed and showed me more love than I knew what to do with. 

I have a feeling that Sammie and this rescue dog had a lot in common. When a woman entered a rescue shelter one afternoon, she met a rescue dog with a bad reputation. The dog had been labeled aggressive upon his arrival. No one would approach him and he didn't want to approach anyone either.

The woman, however, was drawn to the "aggressive" dog's cage. The dog stayed glued to the spot where he was sitting as the woman approached. The woman began talking to the dog, but he made grumbling noises in response and refused to look at the woman. The woman persisted in being kind to the abused pup, then a glimmer of hope appeared when the dog began to wag his tail! 


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