Vizsla Puppy Can Clean House And Perform 40 Other Tricks. At Just One Year Old, It Seems Like There Is Nothing She Can't Do

June 26, 2017

If you have ever been the parent of a dog, and are anything like me, you probably wanted desperately to teach your dog every trick in the book. "Sit," "roll over," "fetch," and "bring me a sandwich" were probably a few of the tricks on your list, right!? All the movies I watched depicted dogs as being more than willing to learn new tricks and then perform them at will. Apollo, my greyhound, however, broke that stereotype in a heart beat.

Apollo was willing to play, sleep and eat. Learning, however, was not something he was particularly interested in. Despite his unwillingness to learn, I loved that dog with all my heart. I always wondered though, what it would have been like to have a dog learn every trick in the book. The pup in this story seems to show us the answer to that question and then some.

Tikken, the Vizsla, was only a newborn puppy when she was brought home to join her new family. The family loved their new puppy addition and spoiled her like any good doggie parent should. Because Tikken was a Vizsla dog, the family knew that she would be well equipped to perform commands as she grew. While Vizsla dogs were keen to learn, they were known to be easily distracted, so the family would have to give Tikken plenty of attention if she was going to reach her potential.

The family quickly saw that Tikken was a very easy dog to train. Because the family loved her so much, they had no problem giving her the attention and affection she needed in order to feel confident in her learning. Soon, Tikken was learning her basic tricks, such as "sit," "stay." and "come."

The family was thrilled at Tikken's progress and were always eager to tell her what a good girl she was. Tikken's family quickly realized that even for a naturally smart dog like a Vizsla, Tikken was one of a kind. Tikken quickly learned all her basic commands and moved rapidly onto more difficult tasks.

Tikken proved to be far smarter and more adept to learn than anyone had anticipated. The family thought of starting an Instagram and Youtube channel for Tikken, to show the world how smart she was becoming. No one, however, was prepared for just how smart Tikken actually was. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...[VIDEO]

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