These Cute Kittens Want To Be Just Like Their Bunny Friends

June 24, 2017

Baby animals are so cute, I love almost all baby animals I think! All species have different characteristics that make them just irresistible to us human beings. I think the main reason we love them though is that they are small and just so cute! 


Take kittens for example. They are small and their fur is usually soft, but seriously they are feisty little creatures! My husband and I adopted a brother and sister cat together and they were so much fun to watch and to play with. They chased each other, and us, all around the house, we even taught one to pay with ice cubes, like they were hockey pucks! 

Another adorable baby animal is a bunny! They are super soft and for the most part pretty calm and gentle. They are happy just hopping around and munching on grass, not really interacting with you or other animals much. I do love to watch them eat though and the way they nibble on dandelions is absolutely the best! 

Well, when you put kittens with rabbits when they are still quite young, guess what happens? The kittens start to mimic their bunny pals and hop around. Or maybe, they are attempting to pounce on them? Watch this video and you decide! 

Wasn't that just one of the most adorable things ever? Personally, I think there may have been some practice pouncing going on there! Still, what a treat! 

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