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The Slowest Chase You Have Ever Seen Occurs When A Tortoise Gets Interrupted During Mating

May 12, 2017

If you grew up in a small town like I did, you probably did a good deal of exploring to pass the time. Maybe you set out to find a new place to swim, or went for a hike to seek out adventure. Wherever your explorations took you, it was a safe bet that you would find some surprises along the way. That was certainly the case for Paul Rose when he stumbled upon two tortoises that were not keen to make friends.

While out exploring the countryside with his friends one afternoon, Paul Rose heard a rather strange sound. The sound was so loud that it could be heard quite clearly even against the noise of the oncoming wind. Paul and his friends immediately set out to find the source of the odd noise.

It did not take them long to find where the noise was coming from. From a distance, Paul saw two tortoises in the middle of a mating ritual. While his friends were content to leave the tortoises alone, Paul was far too intrigued to turn back. Paul crept towards the mating site very carefully and his friends had to follow.

Once the group was close enough to see properly, the mating had stopped. The tortoises were simply sitting there, looking at one another. Paul was unsure if the tortoises had finished mating or if he and his friends had just rudely interrupted the romantic encounter. Either way, the male tortoise wanted to let the group know that they were not welcome.

As Paul and his friends looked on, the male tortoise suddenly turned his head and looked right at them. Tortoises have a strong sense of smell and Paul knew, instantly, that the male had caught wind of them and the tortoise was not happy about it. While some tortoises, even the giant ones, make great pets, this tortoise wanted nothing to do with people.

The male tortoise started to "charge" at the group of men. One of Paul's friends was seated on the ground, trying to film the two tortoises and at the sight of the male coming at him, he tried to move but Paul put his hand on the man's shoulder to make him stay put. Paul was determined not to move, his friends were not so keen to stick around.

As the tortoise came closer and closer, Paul insisted that his friend stayed seated in front of it. The others, however, decided that a camera shot was not worth losing skin to a tortoise bite. The men backed up and gave the tortoise room but that just wasn't enough for the disgruntled tortoise. The video on the next page will show you the slowest chase of all time. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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