This Dog Eating Popcorn Is So Hilarious Just Ask This Little Girl, She Can't Stop Laughing

June 21, 2017


I grew up with a dog Skye. He was the most beautiful, happy, fun dog ever. He was my side-kick and he would go anywhere and everywhere with me. I grew up around a lot of boys too. I have two brothers and all the neighborhood kids were boys, so we played a lot of cops and robbers around our block. 

He was not a mean dog but VERY protective of me. When we would play cops and robbers I always had to be the cop because he didn't like it when I was a robber, we learn that the hard way. The only time I was a robber, Skye thought I was being attacked by the neighbor kid, Aaron and started to growl at him. That was then last time I was in that role. It worked for me,  I liked being the good guy better. 

All that to say, having a dog as a kid is the best. They are like your sibling, your best friend and your partner in crime. I can't imagine my childhood without all the fond memories of Skye and me together. 

In the video below, this adorable pup couldn't help but entertain her 'sister" as she eats popcorn. You can see the baby is all giggles everytime her pup takes a bite of popcorn. It's quite adorable to watch and hear her hysterical laugh. This baby wins the award for best laugh ever!!!!

Watch the video below:

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