Little Girl Finds Out Her Stepmom Adopted Her. Try Not To Cry

September 20, 2017

I have always wanted to adopt. In first grade, I met my best friend, Breanne. She quickly began to tell me her story of how she had been adopted. I was so fascinated by it and thought it was so cool how she had been born to one family and then another family chose to have her.

I went home and asked my mom if I, too, was adopted (hoping I was) but she said no. From that point on, I decided I wanted to adopt. At first I wanted to adopt a sister for me, because I had only brothers, but that never happened. I then decided I wanted to adopt when I got married. I've had this dream of going overseas and bringing back two little girls. 

The little girl in the video obviously has built a wonderful and loving relationship with her stepmom. We don't know the details around what has lead to this moment, but we do know that this is a joyous and long-anticipated moment between mom and daughter.


There is no denying the love between these two, and that’s precisely what makes a family unbreakable. Watch the video, below, but if you're like me, grab some tissue... you'll need them.

There are so many options in adoption. You can adopt internationally, domestically through foster care, or with a birth mom. If you are wanting to expand your family adoption is always a wonderful choice. Just watch this girl’s reaction.

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