Dog Finds Gigantic Mud Hole And Literally Dunks His Entire Head In! I Could Not Stop Laughing [VIDEO]

June 05, 2017

It is no secret that most dogs love to get dirty. My dog Zeus has made it his life goal to find the dirtiest spot, wherever we are, and make it his play area. I can't help but love him, even if he makes a bigger mess than most dogs twice his size. I have a feeling that Zeus and the dog in the video below would get along just fine. 

While out on a walk in the woods, this dog wandered off the beaten trail. His owner followed him but had no idea what was about to happen. The dog soon arrived at his destination. By the time his owner found him, she realized that she was about to have quite the mess on her hands. 

The dog had found a ridiculously large and rather deep mud puddle. He was already up to his stomach in thick mud, but he decided he needed to explore the very bottom of the puddle. Without warning, the dog plunged his entire head into the mud. When he came up, he decided he needed another go. His owner couldn't help but laugh. Even though he was filthy, the dog's owner knew he was too happy to be mad at him! WATCH the video below to witness the hysterical mud incident! 

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