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We Just Found The Selfie Queen, And You'll NEVER Guess Who It Is!

June 05, 2017

We’ve all had those moments where we look down at our pets and think, “You are so perfect!” They have their unique personalities, the happiest grins, and eyes that can stop time. This donkey is no exception! 

Meet Dawn: the most loveable, cuddliest, and the most photogenic donkey you’ve ever seen. Dawn was bought as a ranch pet for a retired couple who never even planned on owning a pet, let alone a donkey! But plans changed when the couple saw her.

Dawn’s owner, Aliece, says, “She just had the most beautiful eyes and she just stared right up at us like she had been waiting her whole life for us! I swear she even smiled at me!”

The couple picked up Dawn then and there without a question. Once they were all back home, one of the granddaughters grabbed her phone to share the new pet on social. That’s when they knew: they didn’t just get a donkey, they got a Selfie Queen!

Aliece was even able to snap a picture of her granddaughter and donkey posing away. I am cracking up just looking at this! I mean, just look at Dawn's little head tilt! She is too cute!

Dawn posed for every picture- she lifted her chin for those perfect angles, she smiled, and she worked that photoshoot with her adorable personality. Not to mention, her flawless natural eyeliner (even I'm jealous of those perfect cat eyes)!


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