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This Dog Was Abandoned When Her Owners Moved Out, Now She's A Much Loved Companion

August 18, 2017

Moving is always a fun and terrifying time for a family. It’s exciting to get a new home and see all of the new things, particularly if you are moving to a new city or even state! On the other hand, it’s absolutely terrifying to leave everything you know! A new house itself is amazing but then you have to learn a lot about it - how does the oven work? What light switch does what?

A family in Los Angeles was moving, and made a horrible decision. They decided to leave their dog behind when they sold the house and left. Madison was a small white mixed breed dog and she adored her family, so she wasn’t sure why they abandoned her and waited patiently for them to return every day.

When the realtor who sold the house found out about the situation, she called Hope For Paws and begged them to step in. They certainly weren’t going to leave Madison behind too, and they raced over to the house to collect the adorable girl.

When Eldad and Lisa arrived on the scene, they found Madison inside of the fenced yard where her owners used to live. They quickly shut the gate behind them so she could not take off and Madison began to grow fearful. Madison raced away from them, barking loudly. When Madison disappeared around the corner of the house, they began to worry she had escaped into the front yard.

Thankfully, Madison had cornered herself in a dead end. Although it was a very tight squeeze, Lisa managed to wedge herself in near the scared dog. Madison watched her approach with curious eyes, and did not try to bite her. Lisa was able to slip the leash around Madison, ensuring that the little dog would be safe. Lisa then carried the flea ridden Madison to safety.

After taking Madison back to their rescue, they gave this loyal pup a much needed bath to help clean her up and get rid of the fleas. Madison also got the vet care she needed after being alone for so long. 

Shelter Hope Pet Shop took in Madison and placed her in a loving foster home, where she now waits for her forever home. Since being saved, Madison has grown less fearful and begun to show how playful and loving she is. Hopefully, she finds her forever home soon, although it’s safe to say that this amazing dog will never have to worry about being left behind again.

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