Baby Cow Was Rescued At 5 Weeks Old. When He Met A Mini Goat, It Was An Instant Friendship [VIDEO]


When I was younger, my grandfather used to take me out on his farm to see the animals. I loved every minute of it. There were so many animals to see. Chickens, cows, and horses were only a few of the cute animals I got to see every time I went to see my grandpa. All the animals seemed to understand that they were meant to be in specific groups. Apparently, no one told that to these best friends.


Buckley, the adorable baby cow, was rescued at just 5 weeks old after his mother had been sold. Buckley found love and friendship while at his new home on a huge ranch. Buckley spent his days running around, playing in fields and trying to make friends wth all the other animals around him. 


One day Buckley met a mini goat named Ralphy. Despite being completely different from one another, Ralphy and Buckley formed an instant bond. They spent their days eating meals together and discovering new games to play with one another. Buckley and Ralphy have shown their family that friendship has no limitations! WATCH the video below to see Buckley and Ralphy's adorable friendship! 


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