Neighbors Thought They Heard A Fox Trapped Under Their Floor. After Tearing Up Their Floorboards The Saw It Wasn't A Fox At All [VIDEO]


When a pet runs away, it is never a fun experience. When I was younger my dog, Zorro, ran away. We couldn't find him anywhere and I was distraught. The next day, however, our neighbor called us and asked us to come over. When we arrived, our neighbor took us to the backyard, and there was Zorro, napping in her flower bed! The lost animal found in this story wasn't napping at all. It was trapped under the neighbor's floor!


One day, some people heard strange noises coming from underneath their floorboards. When they got down and listened they realized that it was some kind of animal, moving around underneath their floor. The animal seemed to be in distress, but the people in the house could not get to it. The people figured that if the animal got in, surely it could get out. After a time, however, they realized the animal wasn't going anywhere on its own.


The residents called animal control to help rescue whatever was trapped under their floor. The rescue team thought it was a fox for sure. The only way to get to the animal was to rip up the floor. After some thought, the owners of the house decided it was worth it to have their floor torn apart if it would save the animal underneath. They were in for a surprise when the floorboards came up. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... [VIDEO]



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