These Owls Are Nothing Like I expected. Who Knew They Could Be So Cute


I don't know much about owls other than the fact that they are nocturnal animals. However, I did grow up in the Northwest where I saw spotted owls a time or two.  I remember when  I was 20 years old, I lived in an apartment complex and there was a rumor floating around that a spotted owl had taken up residence and had become my new 'neighbor.'  


One day my roommate and I were sitting in our front yard, sipping on lemonade and watching her 2-year-old play. When out of nowhere this big, beautiful owl swooped down and landed right in front of us.  My friend quickly grabbed her daughter and we sat there in amazement. The owl looked around possibly trying to spot its next prey, or so we thought and we for sure didn't want it to be us. Then after what seemed like eternity, but most likely was 30 seconds he flew off and left us alone in wonder. It was simply a beautiful sight to see.


Here are some fun facts about owls...

There are around 200 different owl species.
Owls are active at night (nocturnal).
A group of owls is called a parliament.
Most owls hunt insects, small mammals, and other birds.
Some owl species hunt fish. Click "NEXT PAGE" for more facts and to watch the video...

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