Touring The Antarctic Sounds Fun, But Baby Elephant Seal Snuggles Sound Like A Real Dream!

When you think of cuddles, what comes to mind? For most people, they think of a puppy, a kitten, or simply a loved one. When you think of vacation, where do you think of? I always picture myself somewhere tropical with soft sand and long sunsets. 

I've never had hopes of visiting the Antartic Peninsula. And I don't think I know of too many people that dream of going there either... It's far too cold, and the idea being stuck out at sea in the middle of millions of icebergs seems slightly scary. However, after I saw this story, I started looking up one-way trips to Antartica immediately. 

Elephant Seals, one of the largest mammals on Antartica, are known for being profoundly intimidating in size. The can grow to be upwards of 15 feet (WHOA) and up to 10,000 pounds. While they're known for their massive size, they are actually pretty happy animals. 


On a recent trip to Antartica, one tourist even got to experience their friendliness first hand! Charlene was visiting the Antartic Peninsula from Canada when her tourist group came upon a herd of seals. One seal, in particular, seemed to be especially interested in the group of tourists.  


This little guy came up to Charlene with one agenda: Snuggles! Can you say, "Awe?!" 


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