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12 FUN Activities to Do With Your Dog This Weekend!

March 31, 2017

It's easy to fall into a rut with weekend plans. Your often find yourself doing the same things over and over, and weekend time feels monotonous. While spending good, quality time with you canine is an obvious must, why not spice it up a little and try something new?

Below we've created a list of our TOP 12 pet-friendly activities. You dog will LOVE having that extra exciting time with you and you'll enjoy it just as much.

#1 - Visit a nursing home or assisted living center together.

What better way to to spend an afternoon than to be bringing smiles to many faces? Your fur baby will bring SO much joy to the residents and you'll create wonderful memories making other people happy. Call your local assisted living facility or nursing home and check to see if they allow pets on the premises.

#2 - Go boating with you dog.

Dogs love to do whatever you're doing. Why not spend an afternoon out on the lake? Don't forget your doggy lifejacket!

#3 - Visit a pet-friendly restaurant together.

Take an evening to treat your babe to a night on the town at your local pet-friendly restaurant. They'll love spending time with you and love people-watching!

#4 - Get messy and splash in puddles with your pooch.

Let your inner child run wild! Take your pup out and enjoy playing in the rain together. Don't be afraid to get a little messy. :)

#5 - Play hide and seek.

You dog loves nothing more than to have your undivided attention. A round or two of hide and seek will have their tail wagging for hours!

#6 - Play chase.

These sneaky little rascals love the thrill of the chase. Spend some time chasing after your babe and enjoy the great outdoors together!

#7 - Go on a weekend road trip.

Roll the windows down and turn the music up! Enjoy that sunshine and take your pet on a weekend getaway adventure.

#8 - Go on a bike ride.

If your dog is small enough (and still enough!), let them ride in your basket. If they're more energetic, let them run along side of you. It will be a fun adventure for them and great exercise for you both!

#9 - Blow bubbles.

Have your camera handy! This will be the most inexpensive and hilarious activity you'll do with your dog. They'll LOVE it!

#10 - Go for a walk in the city.

Ditch your traditional walking paths and explore new horizons!

#11 - Arrange a puppy playdate.

Not only does your dog love spending time with you, but he also loves time with his furry BFF! Call up a friend and let the dogs play the afternoon away.

#12 - Have a pup party!

There are a MILLON reasons to celebrate your canine. Let him/her know just how much you love them by throwing a puppy party. Invite their best furry friends and let the good times roll!

Would you do any of these activities with your dog?

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