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Clever Golden Retriever Takes ‘Fetch’ To A Whole New Level

February 05, 2018

OK. This one really warmed my heart. The video is short and sweet but well worth a look-see. The scene opens with a gorgeous Golden Retriever sitting comfortably at the curb in a cozy-looking residential neighborhood.

It’s a quiet street and not much traffic is passing by. Regardless, this faithful fellow can’t take his eyes off the road. What is he doing? Is he waiting for someone? Why is he so focused on the traffic? These questions and more are about to be answered!

A few seconds pass and, all of a sudden, you see the big boy get up and saunter down the road apiece, being careful to not actually step onto the pavement. Soon we see what has caught his attention...

...the mail truck! The purposeful pup patiently watches as the carrier dutifully deposits letters in the neighbor’s mailbox. Then, as the truck moves on to the next house, we expect the precious pet to stand by and watch as the letter carrier does the same at his own home.

Not so fast! This Retriever definitely has something else in mind and it’s pretty special!

Obviously, this doggy’s master has spent a great deal of time training him to be a useful, contributing member of the family. If you look closely, I’m sure you’ll notice a smile on his face, pride in his posture, and a spring in his step as he prances back to the house with his prize. I love how he goes about his chore with no complaining and performs his important task with skill and grace.

This is one Retriever that really lives up to his breed's reputation, and he is using his natural talents to provide a valuable service to his loving humans.

To see this pup’s precious performance, just click on the video, below.

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