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Kayakers Are Surrounded By 30 Orcas In Captivating Video Footage

February 05, 2018

The ocean is a magical place, full of wonder and mystery. One can only dream about what lies hidden beneath the ocean waves, and even to this day we still haven't managed to explore the entire ocean floor. Michelle Feis and her guide went out on a kayak tour around the San Juan Islands in Washington, never realizing this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

As they set out from Roche Harbor into Open Bay, they were forced into a quick stop as they came face to face with a massive pod of Orcas! Michelle quickly started recording as the Orcas swam all around them, and she even captured amazing footage as the Orca swam right below the kayak, their fin almost brushing the small vessel.

Michelle and her guide quickly moved their kayak as close to the shore as they could when they first spotted the wonderful animals. They hoped that by hanging near the cliffs and kelp they would be able to stay out of the Orcas' path.

The kayakers sat still, keeping their paddles out of the water as they were surrounded by the pod of whales who just kept on swimming by. They were careful to remain as unobtrusive as they could, like a log floating on top of the water.

They sat there, silently watching as the Orcas swam by them, one by one. The magnificent creatures sent great plumes of water mist up into the air as they played around the small kayak.

As the Orca pod finished swimming by, they stopped recording, leaving us with just a magnificent memory of what they were lucky enough to see. Michelle went on to say that there were surely 30 Orcas out there with them that day, and the pod hung around the bay the entire time they were out there. In fact, they were even blessed enough to see one of the Orcas breach out of the water completely, a surely breathtaking memory.