Hysterical Video Of Raccoon Playing A Sprinkler 'Harp' Is The Funniest Thing Of The Year

February 05, 2018

Raccoons are, sadly, treated as little more than pests by most people. They are truly wonderful animals, curious and playful in their mannerisms. The mischievous little creatures love to start all kinds of trouble whenever they possibly can.

One adorable little raccoon found himself presented with a sprinkler and he couldn’t quite help himself! Much like a toddler presented with a hose for the first time, he kept reaching out and trying to grab the spraying water.

As he reached out for the water, trying to grasp it in his little paws, it almost appeared that the little raccoon was attempting to play the harp! He seemed to be having the time of his life as he tried to grab the little strings of water.

Of course, merely trying to grab the strings with his paws wasn’t enough! He tried to grab the water with his mouth as well, hoping to take a sip of water shooting at his face.

As if watching him play with the sprinkler wasn’t adorable enough, the maker of the video matched up harp music! It definitely makes it look like the little raccoon is playing a wonderful little harp, and it is truly wonderful!

Watching this video is surely one of the funniest things you’ll do all day, and it has brought a giant smile to everyone we’ve shown it to. We certainly hope that you, too, enjoy this wonderful video and that it makes you laugh just like it did us!