Abused Dog Too Afraid To Be Touched, Days Later Her New Family Was Amazed By Her Transformation

July 28, 2017

If there is one thing that is true in life, it is the fact that dogs love to be loved. Dogs have long been considered "man's best friend" and that is due to the fact that most dogs will return the love a person shows them 100 times over. Some dogs, especially ones that are rescued, however, have difficulty trusting people because they have not been loved properly. Loretta is one such dog, but her rescuers and foster family were determined to show her what love was all about.

Loretta was a dog that was used for breeding. Once her previous owners had gotten what they needed from her, they dumped her in a shelter all alone. Loretta was scared and miserable. When a foster family heard about the sweet dog, they rushed to the shelter to get her. Loretta was too afraid to even stand on her own, let alone walk out of the shelter. Once her foster dad carried her to the car, she buried her head in fright. Her family was determined to make sure Loretta knew she was safe and loved and within two days, things started to change.

After two days of hiding, Loretta took her first steps on her own! Her family was ecstatic and eager to introduce her to the rest of the dogs they had. Once Loretta met the other dogs she seemed to realize that the family could be trusted. Then, one day, the family finally saw Loretta smile for the first time while she was playing with another dog. The family knew that it would take time for Loretta to trust other people completely, but the dog had taken great steps in the right direction. Watch the video below to see Loretta's beautiful journey!

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