Adorable Toddler Tries To Teach Dog How To Hula Hoop

February 08, 2018

Is there anything cuter than watching a kid and her dog? One little girl named Sierra is determined to teach her dog how to Hula Hoop with her, not realizing that the pup surely would not be able to!

Sierra absolutely loves to Hula Hoop, but she also loves her adorable Newfoundland named Lucky. Lucky is a big, fluffy dog who adores Sierra, and is more than happy to help take care of his little charge.

Sierra grabs two Hula Hoops from the corner of the room and brings them back over to Lucky where she attempts to hand him the bigger blue one. When Lucky doesn’t grab it, she leans it over Lucky’s head and sets it on him.

Sweet Lucky stays still with the Hula Hoop draped over him before taking a few steps forward, through the hoop. Sierra lets out a groan, admonishing the goofy pup for not listening to her!

Lucky watches curiously as Sierra gives him a demonstration on how Hula Hoops are supposed to work! While he never quite figures out how best to copy her, their bond doesn’t seem to change at all!