Baby Goats Jump On Horse's Back. The Animal’s Response Will Leave You Amazed!

September 27, 2017

You gotta love animals and the many ways they amaze us on a daily basis. Just when we think they couldn't get any more wonderful, they turn around and astound us by doing something spectacular, and it makes us love them that much more. In this story, you’ll witness a prime example of such an animal. You’ll be shocked and pleasantly surprised by his reaction to what occurs.

It's a peaceful day on the farm, and in the distance, you can see a horse known as "Mr. G" lying down and enjoying his relaxing afternoon. He is, however, not alone. A few feet away you can see three baby goats just minding their own business, or so one would assume. A few seconds go by and, before you know it, one of the kids does the unthinkable and tries to jump on Mr. G's back. It's that moment in time when you want to cover your eyes and say a prayer for the welfare of this little goat.

It’s surprising that the horse does not budge, even though the baby goat tumbles off in the process. As the horse remains motionless, the kid makes two more attempts, eventually succeeding in his quest to mount the calm horse's back. Before you know it, Mr. G has become a jungle gym for all three of the kids. Jumping on his back left and right, followed by a few little twirls, these babies are having the time of their lives. Enjoy this adorable encounter!

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