Rottweiler Encounters Tiny Bunny. What Happens Next Will Leave You In Shock!

September 12, 2017

Unlikely friendships can be the best ones, and that is completely true when it comes to these two animals: a Rottweiler and tiny bunny who are meeting for the very first time. In a normal everyday encounter, one would possibly go into a complete panic as these two meet face to face. Just wait. This encounter will completely surprise you.

The moment the enormous dog catches sight of this bunny, he loses no time, charging full-speed-ahead toward the little animal. When the dog is inches away, he shocks us all as he continues to move forward and nudges the bunny in a playful manner, as if to say, “Hey! Let’s play.” Any bunny would probably have a complete heart attack, but not this little one; the tag challenge is on.

Running around the backyard, both dog and bunny are defying the odds with their new-found friendship. The dog, obviously faster, circles the bunny again and runs back over, only to nudge the bunny once more. The bunny, holding its own, chases the dog until it’s tiny legs tire out. Don’t worry, the game doesn’t stop there. In a few seconds, the dog returns, and around and around they go again.

It’s one of the cutest examples of two new friends getting to know each other while living life to the fullest. In spite of all their differences their bond continues to grow. It’s a scene that will warm your heart and make you smile! Enjoy!

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