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Curious Seal Approaches Diver, Seconds Later The Seal Grabs His Hand And He Can't Stop Laughing

July 25, 2017

Nature has a funny way of giving us some great surprises. Especially when it comes to encountering wildlife. Gary Grayson and his friend would agree 100%. While Gary and his buddy were diving one afternoon, they spotted two gray seals. The seals came closer and Gary was excited to see the creatures up close.

One of the seals was perfectly content with hanging back and observing Gary and his pal, but the other seal was far more curious. The seal swam right up to Gary and touched his nose to the diver's face. Then the seal seemed to want something more from Gary but the diver couldn't figure out what it was.

The seal then took Gary's hand and placed it on his belly. Gary rubbed the seal's belly over and over again and the seal laid back in pure enjoyment. Apparently, the way to a seal's heart is a good old fashioned belly rub. It is safe to say that Gary would always be welcomed back by at least one seal in the ocean. Watch the entire encounter in the video below!

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