Cute Rescued Baby Otter Has A Habit Of Sucking His Thumb Just Like A Human Baby [VIDEO]

June 12, 2017

When my daughter was born, all I wanted to do was hold her. Every minute of every day I wanted to just stare at her beautiful face. Whenever she would cry, however, I would want to cry too. I would obviously put a pacifier in her mouth and soothe her, but eventually, she learned that she had a built in pacifier on her hand. Then the adorable thumb sucking began. The otter in this story seemed to have found his thumb, just like my daughter did.


After he was rescued, this adorable otter relied on milk from a bottle. Obviously, just like a child, the otter had to be weened off the bottle. Much like a baby, the otter did not want to relinquish his bottle and had a very hard time coping without it. That is until he discovered his thumb!


His thumb quickly became the otter's new favorite thing. Eventually the otter's keepers will have to ween him off his thumb as well, but for now, they are perfectly happy with letting him pacify himself in the most adorable way possible! WATCH the video below to see the adorable otter baby and his new favorite pacifier!


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