Adorable Otter Makes Himself Right At Home When Kayakers Pull Up To Say Hi.


Growing up in Idaho, there was never any shortage of outdoor activities to do. Whether it was hiking, swimming, or camping, my friends and I would have endless fun with each other. One activity that we decided would be fun was kayaking. While we never went on any huge rapids, it was a blast learning how to kayak. While I loved every minute I spent in a kayak, I never had an experience like the kayakers in this story.


One dreary afternoon, some friends decided to go out on the water in their kayaks. They decided to go to their favorite spot. It wasn't the water that kept them coming back this spot in particular. It was what was in the water. Once they pulled up to their favorite spot, near the docks, they waited. It didn't take long for them to see what they had expected.


A cute otter popped its head up out of the water to say hi. The otter swam closer to one of the kayaks and, all at once, hopped out of the water and into the kayak! Apparently, the kayakers had seen this little guy before because he treated them like they were his best friends. No wonder they loved to come to that spot so much! The otter hopped in and out of the kayak, splashing a nibbling at the kayaker's boots. A fun day in the water for everyone involved! WATCH the video below to see the adorable encounter!


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