Blind Dachshund Abandoned At Shelter After 18 Years. What This Disabled Senior Dog Does Next Has Everyone In Tears

July 26, 2017

Meet Muñeca the 18-year-old blind dachshund who was dumped at a local shelter in L.A. because her owners could no longer take care of her. This petite brown g-ma with a frosted white face had lost it all. Her home was gone, her family was gone and on top of that, her eye sight was gone too.

She was scared and alone and didn't know where she was. She was desperate for some love and attention. That's when it happened. Elaine, a shelter volunteer had approached the kennel that Muñeca was in. Muñeca was craving that human touch and without hesitations, she just JUMPED right into Elaine's arms! She didn't need eyesight to sense the love.

Elaine scooped up the sweet girl and held her. She let her know she was safe and loved. That day at the shelter there happened to be a photographer, John Hwang taking pictures. He was able to capture the beautiful moments on film. The sweet moment between a dog looking for love and a volunteer waiting to give love has spread all over Facebook.

A rescue group called Frosted Faces Foundation that helps senior dogs, saw the photo and took action. They took Muñeca to a vet to get a full examination. There she got a clean bill of health for her age and is now looking for a loving, caring, forever home. We hope she gets adopted soon. She deserves a loving home, don't you agree? If you think you may be the home for her visit Frosted Faces Foundation to apply.

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