Disabled Dog Didn't Have A Friend In The World, Days Later An Unlikely Candidate Adopted Her As His Own

July 26, 2017

Dogs have always been called man's best friend. The reason for this is the fact that dogs desire friendship just as much, if not more, than human beings. So, when I heard about this dog named Kolima my heart instantly went out to her because she needed a friend more than anything in the whole world.

Kolima was born with a genetic defect called "Wobbly Syndrome." The disorder prevented the dog from walking with any sort of comfort and prevented her from growing at a normal rate. Because of her disability, Kolima was taken to an animal shelter to be taken care of. None of the other animals, however, would come near the injured pup. One day, a donkey named Paolo came along.

Paolo seemed to be the only one in the shelter that knew just how much Kolima needed a friend. The donkey took it upon himself to not only be the dog's bestie, but also her protector. Since the day they met, Kolima and Paolo have been inseparable. While Kolima could not get around like other dogs, that did not stop Paolo from loving her and making sure the dog always had someone to play with. It just goes to show that a best friend can change everything! Watch the video below to see how the two unlikely besties get along together.

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