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Dog Starving And On The Verge Of Death Is Rescued Just In Time. Wait Until You See Her Now

December 13, 2017

Eldad Hagar and his team at Hope of Paws have done it again and rescued Savannah in a park in the Los Angeles area. They heard about an abandoned dog, who looked as though she had been there for weeks. She was calm and seemingly not afraid and seemed to know that she was about to be rescued.

“People tend to abandon their animals in that park. It’s a pretty wild area, many coyotes are always around, and it is just a horrible thing that people do, thinking the dogs can somehow survive on their own,” Hagar said. Though she seemed gentle and kind she was in bad shape. One of her eyes was covered in pus and in seriously bad shape. She had wounds all over her thin body.

Hagar shared his experience in rescuing the dog they named Savannah. “Once I approached the bushes where she was hiding, I realized that she had no more fight in her. She was so hungry, so tired.” He continued, “The process of starvation is horrible. The body first breaks down all the fat for energy, then the muscles, then internal organs. It’s a slow, and very painful death.”

The team worked hard for a couple of hours to bring Savannah out of her hiding spot. She seemed afraid of humans and was acting as though she did not want to be saved. But after a two-hour standoff with the Pit Bull, Hagar was able to convince the dog to come out of hiding, and she lay right in his arms.

Immediately the team took Savannah to the nearest veterinarian. The vet looked at Savannah’s eye and decided it needed to be removed as soon as possible. A large tumor was also found behind one of Savannah’s ears. She quickly underwent surgery to have both the tumor and her left eye removed.

After the surgeries, and a quick recovery, Savannah’s “sweet spirit came alive,” Hagar shared. Savannah is now living with a foster family but is looking for a forever home. You can visit their website Hope for Paws for more information.

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