Prince William, Duke of Cambridge Accepts His Fate And Kate Has A Lot To Say About It

January 22, 2018

For years, William, The Duke of Cambridge, has nervously anticipated a day that many will never know; a day that many hope they never experience; and a day that even his wife had hoped would never come to fruition. But alas, the day has come…

Prince William has accepted the natural course of balding.

That’s right, he’s finally come to terms with his hair - or lack thereof - and has taken matters into his own hands. At the age of 35, William’s hair has decreased more than ever before. In his 20s, William was blessed with a full head of golden locks. But now, the same can’t be said for the dad of two.

In his late 20s, hair loss seemed to be imminent, however, the young prince remained optimistic about his looks and continued to style his hair as if it weren’t going anywhere. Turns out, the years have taken a toll and his head has paid the price.

Of course, William always has such a positive outlook on his life and has always kept his sense of humor while considering his balding head. And Kate too, for that matter! In 2014, the two lovebirds were at an event when the couple spotted some alpacas in the distance. Kate was reported to have said, “William, you should put it on your head. You’ll need it more than me!” She laughed and pointed at his head.

The future king of England has always kept a light spirit about his hair loss and it seems that as of late, he’s actually taking action toward the inevitable fact of his hair depletion. In fact, he’s recently just buzzed his hair for the first time in history!

On January 18, 2018, The Duke of Cambridge showed up to the Step Into Health event sporting a nearly completely shaven head. We think he looks awesome! What do you guys think?

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