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‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant Got So Excited She Almost Knocked Drew Carey Completely Off The Stage

February 02, 2018

If you hear the phrase, “Come on down!”, the first thing that comes to mind is the beloved show, The Price Is Right. The moment announcer George Gray says those three magic words, the crowd instantly goes wild with excitement.

People clap, cheer, and chatter giddily as the latest contestant runs down the aisle toward the stage. From that moment, the game is on! One recent contestant named Sona got a little more carried away than most.

As she made her way to the stage, she wore the largest grin on her face. I’m sure a million thoughts were swirling in her mind as she anticipated testing her luck to win the big prizes. She bounded up the stairs a little faster than she intended.

As she reached Carey’s side, she couldn’t quite put the brakes on quickly enough. She spread her arms wide to embrace him in a big bear hug. Carey wasn’t quite expecting this and it definitely caught him off guard.

The moment they semi-embraced was the moment the crowd shrieked. Carey lost his balance and began to fall backward. Sona tried to break his fall, but it was to no avail. He toppled down, falling almost completely off the stage!

Thankfully, he was completely uninjured by the unintentional collision. He got up quickly while a smile was still on his face. Check out the video, below, to see it all go down!

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