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Frightened Double Amputee Boy Finds Inspiration After Meeting A Quadruple Amputee Dog. Together, They Find Joy In Their Loss.

November 14, 2017

This is a remarkable story of triumph and perseverance. 10-year- old Owen is a double amputee who lost both of his legs and some of his fingers from a terrible burn as an infant. Chi Chi is a quadruple amputee Golden Retriever who lost all four of his limbs after being severely abused and abandoned. Together, they are two fighters who have found love in their lives and in one another. This is their story.

Chi Chi’s life started tragically when her was born to abusive owners in South Korea. After years of being mistreated and abused, he was finally abandoned in trash can in a downtown city. When the rescuers arrived, they were horrified at the scene; Chi Chi was in a trash bag with his legs bound together by wire. They wasted no time and immediately transported him to a veterinary clinic where she would later go into surgery and have all four of his legs amputated off.

After Chi Chi’s surgery, his new family got connected with a prosthetics expert that specializes with animals. Since their introduction, Chi Chi has been fitted with four prosthetics- one for each of her stumps. With his newest additions, he is able to run, play, and even jump with other dogs. When his family realized how inspiring Chi Chi was to others, they decided to make him a therapy dog.

At the same time of Chi Chi’s recovery, little Owen was also learning to overcome. When he was just two years old, he was dropped in a bathtub. Sadly, baby Owen suffered from third degree burns over 98% of his body and had to have both of his legs, most of his fingers, and much of his skin removed. He then spent the next several years in and out of the hospital.

After becoming a double amputee, Owen spirit’s were down. His mom was becoming desperate for her son. That’s when she learned about Chi Chi! Owen began to follow Chi Chi on social media and each time he saw a Chi Chi post, his spirits would improve.  After Owen’s mom took to social media, her son’s desire to meet the famous pup got noticed by a NASCAR super star.

Tony Stewart, a NASCAR driver, learned Owen’s story and knew that he had connect the two. That’s when he flew Owen out on a private jet  to Phoenix to meet Chi Chi. Once the two met, it was instant happiness. Owen was overjoyed to meet a dog and to finally be with “someone like him.” The two boys played with each other, cuddled with each other, spent the day at a waterpark together, and even appeared as guests at an event for NASCAR together. They were inseparable and found so much joy and safety in being with each other. Owen will always remember his weekend with Chi Chi!

Chi Chi’s story is truly one of resilience, hope, and living life to the fullest. And Owen’s story is one of overcoming and rising above the hard times in life. Through Owen and Chi Chi’s ambition, their decision to choose joy, and see the best in life, they are inspiring the world. We are so thankful these two heroes were able to me meet; their friendship only makes their triumph more beautiful!

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