Golden Retriever Puppy Comforts Older Sibling Having A Nightmare

February 08, 2018

Is there anything cuter than two Golden Retrievers? Of course not, particularly if one of them is an adorable little puppy! When one family brought a new puppy into their household, they weren’t quite sure how their older dog, Sunny, would take to the new pup!

Their owner, Auriel, worried that Sunny would not love the young pup, Flower. Flower was your typical puppy, rambunctious and fun-loving, so it wouldn’t surprise her if the elderly dog found Flower to be nothing more than a nuisance.

One night, Auriel watched as Sunny and Flower curled up together to sleep, and she began to realize how little she truly had to worry about. She decided to record the adorable friends to show her family, but never quite expected to record something as adorable as she did.

Sunny started to have a horrible nightmare and was growing upset as he slept. Flower awoke to find her friend whining and twitching in his sleep and looked to Auriel for help. When Auriel merely watched, Flower knew that it was up to her.

Flower returned to Sunny’s side, curling up on the older dog’s head and neck, lying on him. Sunny quickly settled down as Flower brought comfort to her beloved big brother.