Dog With Tennis Ball Sized Tumors ALL Over His Body Was On The Verge Of Death. Woman Spots Him Roaming The Streets And Takes Action

July 28, 2017

Mexico is known for its massive amounts of street dogs. There are an estimated 5 million dogs roaming the streets and beaches of Mexico. A few years ago, I went to Mexico two summers in a row to build houses for homeless families, and I can attest to the fact that there are numerous dogs and puppies everywhere. All these dogs are trying to survive hungry and alone without anyone to care for them. But what if they end up sick? What happens to them then? That is this dogs story...

Meet Boby! Homeless, hungry, sick and alone was the life this poor pup lived. On the verge of death until a woman spotted him wandering the streets. Something caught her eye and made her investigate the dog's situation. As she got closer to Boby, she saw he had open, bloody masses covering his entire body. Her heart broke and she knew she had to do something immediately or this dog would die. 


She took the dog to Dalia Gamez. Then Dalia, a known animal activist, took Boby to an emergency vet. There they discovered that all the masses on Boby's body were cancerous. The vet was not sure if Boby would survive but they began treatment on the helpless dog right away. He underwent chemotherapy immediately. Doctors and staff were hopeful that they found him in time. 

Boby endured 8 rounds of treatment a month. Throughout the process, he was a trooper. He miraculously overcame his dire situation and surprised everyone. His hair grew back, he gained weight and got his joy back. Today, Boby is a happy, healthy and home.  Dalia fell in love with Bobby and adopted him. Thanks to the vets, hospital staff, and Dalia for giving Boby a new chance at life. Check him out today...

There are still millions of dogs roaming the streets waiting for a second chance at life like Boby got. You may not be able to help millions but you could help one. Check out your local animal shelters and see if you have room in your heart and home for a dog looking for love and care just like Boby. 

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