Heartless Owner Dumps Dog And Thinks He’s Gotten Away With It. What He Doesn’t Know Is That Trail Cameras Caught It All

February 06, 2018

The heartlessness of some pet owners never ceases to astound me. How can someone who brings a precious pet into their home, promising to love and care for it forever, turn right around and abandon it in the cruelest of fashions?

That’s exactly what happened recently to one sweet young pup in Kansas City Missouri. The owner drove the dog out to the country and in a cold-blooded, cowardly act, pushed him out of the car and drove off. If he’d have looked back he would have seen the bewildered fellow running after him, trying to catch his attention and notify him of his ‘mistake.’ I’m sure the sweet dog had no idea what kind of game his beloved human was playing, but it’s certain that after a few hours, he realized that it was no game.

Fortunately, there were trail cameras posted in the area and, eight days after the atrocious abandonment, Codes Enforcement Officer Aaron Asher finally came across the tape of the hideous act. What he saw was heartbreaking: the dog being unceremoniously dumped out of the family vehicle, the uncaring driver leaving the scene with the befuddled pet running close behind. It was more than he could bear. After examining the tape, he was able to identify the owner through license plate records. Authorities have pressed charges against the man.

Once the dog was located, Asher notified Animal Health officers who were able to coerce the sweet animal to come to him by offering him some food.The poor pup must have been starving after having to live in the wilderness for eight days! Other than being skin-and-bones, the brave fellow seemed to be no worse for the wear. No medical treatment was necessary and he was able to begin looking for a new home.

We’re pleased to report that the story has a happy ending! In no time at all, numerous offers came in from loving citizens wanting to adopt the sweet Pit Bull-mix.

Finally, the perfect family was selected and the big fellow is now living a new life with new owners who are not only grateful to have such a friendly, delightful dog in their home but also are sure to live up to the promise that the previous owner was unable or unwilling to fulfill.

To watch the news report that originally covered this pup’s story, just click on the video, below.

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