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Horse Was Stuck In Quick Sand Like Mud For 3 Hours. As He Was Sinking Deeper And Deeper His Owner Was Desperate For Help Until A Hero Emerged

August 17, 2017

Nicole Graham was out riding on the Geelong beach in Austrailia with Paris, her daughter when suddenly they started to sink into a quicksand-like mud. Nicole was able to quickly free her daughter and her daughter's horse, but her horse, Astro, was too much for the woman to pull out on her own.

Weighing over 1,000 lbs, Astro's efforts to free himself caused him to keep sinking deeper and deeper. To add to that, the tide was rising and she knew they didn't have much time. She was desperate to save her beloved horse before it was too late.

Nicole frantically tried to help her horse of 18 years, but her efforts only dug herself deeper in the mud with him. She decided to wait with Astro to keep him calm and so she could keep his head above water during this horrible experience.

She sent Paris to their car to call for help. Finally, after three hours, rescuers arrived on the scene. Nicole was relieved because the wait was over, but getting Astro out was no easy task. 

The mud made it difficult for rescue vehicles to get access to the beach, and they were running out time. Then out of nowhere, a neighboring farmer arrived with a tractor to save the day. They quickly got to work pulling Astro from the mud.

The rescue team said that without Nicole's tireless effort to save Astro, he probably would not have survived. Nicole said of the event, "It was terrifying. It was also heartbreaking to see my horse exhausted and struggling." Watch the video below to see the rescue.

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