Hundreds Of Horses Are Saved And Set Free. Watch This Herd On The Move

September 13, 2017

I've been around horses my entire life. There is something so wonderful, so peaceful, and so amazing about the sounds that come from these beautiful creatures: their hooves hitting the pavement, or their whinnies when they get excited.

Call me crazy, but I even love the smells. Horse are like therapy to me so, when I found out about this dreamy place in Oakland, Oregon, I knew I needed to know more.

The Duchess Sanctuary is home to two hundred formerly abused, abandoned, neglected, or homeless horses. It is operated by The Fund for Animals in partnership with The Humane Society of the United States. The facility, south of Eugene, Oregon, was established in 2008.

Jennifer Kunz, lives on the 1120 acre property with the horses. She says, “My life consists of living in a horse haven. It’s amazing.” Each of the 200 hundred horses there has a name and a distinct personality, and Jennifer knows every one of them, individually.

Most of the horses are either rescues from the PMU or were saved from slaughter. Kunz explains, “We want to make sure that they never ever have another bad day until the end of their life.”

If you would like to help at Duchess Sanctuary, Kunz says you can visit, you can volunteer, you can donate, or you can help educate. Visit for more information. Watch the beautiful video, below, and fall in love with all these amazing horses.

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