Paralyzed Kitten Chloe Is A Fighter. Watching Her Go From Helpless To Overcomer Will Leave Your Heart Smiling

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September 15, 2017

Hannah Shaw, also known as the Kitten Lady, takes in abandoned kittens that otherwise probably would not survive. She travels across the U.S. bringing awareness to the plight of unwanted kittens everywhere. Hannah not only brings kittens into her own home, but also educates the public on how to take care of the small helpless creatures.

One day, while at the shelter to pick up a 2-week old bottle kitten, Tetley, she was told about another kitten that was in need of some tender, loving care. This kitten was four weeks old and had special needs; she was paralyzed. The tiny orange kitten could not move her lower body at all.

Knowing that Hannah often liked a challenge and was likely to take on difficult cases, the shelter asked her if she would care for Chloe and eventually help her find the purr-fect home. Hannah, of course, said "yes!" and took on the responsibility of caring for sweet Chloe.

In the beginning, Hannah's main focus was on helping Chloe get well. On top of many, many veterinarian visits, Chloe also saw a neurologist, had laser therapy done, and even acupuncture. Acupuncture helped Chloe immensely and after every appointment, they noticed huge improvements in her ability to move!

Another big thing that Hannah did for the adorable kitten was to commission someone to make Chloe her very own customized wheelchair. Once the wheelchair was finished Hannah had high hopes that it would be just what Chloe needed for her unique situation. Unfortunately, Chloe, being a kitten, did not see it in the same light. She wanted and needed to be able to crawl, pounce, and climb!

Hannah says that she always dreamed and pushed for Chloe to be able to walk one day, but now she sees that Chloe can do so much, even without the use of her back legs. Chloe has exceeded everyone's expectations and is able to chase, pounce, and even climb to her little heart's content!

Chloe has even helped two more paralyzed cats that were brought to the shelter. Chloe stayed with Hannah longer than most cats do and will always hold a special place in her heart. When it came time for Chloe to be adopted there were over 70 applicants for Hannah to choose from. It seems everyone wanted this beautiful striped lady! Hannah carefully reviewed and interviewed the various family choices for Chloe. After careful consideration, the perfect family to adopt her was found. Chloe now lives in San Francisco with her fur-ever family!


Sweet and determined Chloe went from being a helpless, paralyzed kitten that didn't have much of a chance, to being an able, confident, and playful adult cat! Watch this little fighter's incredible story, below, and be inspired!

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