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Mom Watches Helplessly As Her Foal Is Stranded On The Highway. But Just When All Hope Is Lost, A Man Steps In And Saves The Day

September 15, 2017

What would you do if you were out on a country road and came across this scene? A man is out on a drive and almost runs over a very small, scared baby horse. He immediately stops the car and gets out to help. But there is one small problem.

The foal is obviously scared, but it's clear that her mama must have taught her to stay away from strangers. We do not know how or when the foal ended up on the opposite side of the railing from her mom, but what we do know is that this foal is now in trouble. Unable to reach her mom, she is in danger of starving or getting hit by a car. That's where this man’s determination saves the day!

The mare and the rest of the herd are on one side of the metal guardrail, the foal on the other. The baby horse is not tall enough to jump over the barrier and the mom is unable to help. Both the foal and her mom are clearly distressed.

After a bit of chasing, the man is able to get ahold of the foal and lift her over the metal barricade. There, on the other side, mom is waiting to be reunited with her baby. Thanks to this Good Samaritan, all turns out well for the foal. Watch the video, below, and see the rescue unfold.

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