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Insane Conspiracy Theory Claims That Nicolas Cage Is Actually Immortal

December 08, 2017

Nicolas Cage is one of America’s most popular actors; he’s been in over 90 movies playing a wide variety of characters. His very first role was in a TV movie called "Best Of Times" that was released in 1981, where he played a character named Nicholas! Since then, he’s been in a steady stream of movies with his most popular ones including “Leaving Las Vegas,” “National Treasure,” “The Croods,” and “Face/Off.”

Like any popular celebrity, there are plenty of crazy theories and beliefs surrounding Nicolas, but there’s one theory that rises well above the rest. The most insane conspiracy theory states that Nicolas Cage is immortal and doesn’t age! The evidence surrounding this theory is definitely intriguing as can be.

The theory first began circulating in 2011, and it’s only grown since then! The main piece of evidence and the reason the theory began is courtesy of an eBay listing. The item in question is an old photograph from around 1870 that was being sold for £800,000 or about USD $944,456.

The seller, Jack Mord, put the photograph online when he realized the resemblance between the man in the photo and the famous actor. In the listing, Jack Mord stated that the photo was taken in Civil War Era in Tennessee, and was in a book full of other older photographs. Underneath every single photograph, a name was written, except for the Nicolas Cage look alike, which was suspiciously empty of any identifying information.

Thankfully, Nicolas Cage has a good sense of humor about his “immortality” and has been happy to debunk the theory on multiple talk shows, including David Letterman and the Jeff O’Neil Show, since the theory became popular. Thankfully, we’re pretty sure we can rest assured that Nicolas Cage is actually mortal, but what are your thoughts?

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