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Watch As The Whole Herd Runs To Greet The New Addition: An Orphaned Baby Elephant

December 09, 2017

Meet Dok Geaw, the little baby Thai elephant who lost his mother due to an infection. He was found all alone at just four-months-old, and taken to a center for elephants until he was ready to join a new herd. The rescue team took care of him and bottle-fed him until he was healthy enough to join the herd. 


In the video, you'll see a group of elephants at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai racing to the barn where they will meet the new arrival in the cutest fashion. Elephant Nature Park was established in the 1990s to provide a haven for sick and injured elephants and other animals. They have successfully rehabilitated many elephants and other wild animals into a normal life in captivity.

As the Elephants race over, you can see their anticipation, and there is a sense of excitement in the air. They finally reach the barn and the herd begins to reach their trunks through the holes in Dok's cage - and the bonding begins. You can see it is love at first sight for that calf and his new herd. Watch the video, below, and see how adorable the interaction is.


Warning: you are going to fall in love with this baby Thai elephant.

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