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After Teacher’s Dog Disappears, Entire Class Surprises Him With A New Addition

December 09, 2017

Troy Rogers, a History teacher at Clements High School in Athens, Alabama, is one happy teacher. Recently he got the surprise of his life when his students and his wife worked together to surprise him with an eight-week-old Golden Retriever puppy.


The school's senior class, around 90 students, raised nearly $700, with the help of students and Rogers’ fellow teachers, to buy the puppy. The students started the fundraiser after learning that Rogers' beloved Golden Retriever, Chip, had disappeared from his family's home.


"Coach Rogers doesn’t have children so his dog was like his child," said Haleigh Moss. Haleigh is one of the students who organized the fundraiser. She continued, "He treats us like we’re his own children and he does so much for us. We just wanted to do something great for him in return."


Rogers said his students asked, on a daily basis, if Chip had been found. He said he didn't know they were fishing for the answer so they would know to buy him a new dog.

"They would ask if we had found Chip and I’d say, ‘No we haven’t yet. Thank you for asking,’ and we’d start our teaching day," Rogers said. "They did everything from offer to search for him to offer up prayers. They’d want a quick update and we’d get into our instruction."

Rogers said he and his wife made plans to adopt a new dog next summer after many weeks of searching for Chip without a clue ever being found about his whereabouts. Chip had recently gone blind and was not likely to return home.

Those plans changed when a fellow teacher asked Rogers to come to her classroom. When Rogers walked in, the students and his wife presented him with the new puppy.

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