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Interesting Fan Theory Suggests That Jack Black And Paul Revere Are Actually Related

December 08, 2017

Jack Black is a famous actor, musician, and comedian who has been winning hearts since his first acting role in 1984. Since then, he’s starred in 143 movies and television shows and produced 22 others. Some of his most famous works include “School of Rock,” “Kung Fu Panda,” and “King Kong!”

Jack Black isn’t just a beloved comedian; he’s also a very philanthropic person who supports 18 charities and 25 other causes! Some of his charities include “Autism Speaks” and “The Make-A-Wish Foundation” which he has helped greatly during his time as a superstar. Of course, Jack Black wouldn’t be a true super celebrity if he didn’t have a few interesting theories surrounding him!

Recently, some internet users noticed a rather intriguing similarity between Jack Black and Paul Revere. While there are no actual photographs of Paul Revere because of when he lived, it is commonly accepted that John Singleton Copley’s painting from 1768 is the most accurate representation of Paul Revere. When the two photos are placed side by side, there is definitely a strong resemblance!

There are multiple theories about the similarities between the two people, but the two most popular theories include Jack Black being immortal, and their being related. There is a rather devoted fan base who strongly believes that this photograph proves once and for all that Jack Black is immortal, and it’s a rather common theory. Many actors and actresses have recently been discovered to have older doppelgangers, and photos of them can fetch quite a high price!

Some of the most popular celebrities to have older doppelgangers include Nicolas Cage and John Travolta! Of course, the much more believable theory is that Jack Black is actually a descendant of Paul Revere. There definitely does seem to be sort of a resemblance, but without proof, there’s no way of knowing if it just so happens to be luck!

Whether or not Jack Black and Paul Revere are related, this theory is one that seems to be holding on. Jack has yet to comment on it, but we’re sure that when he does, he’ll handle it with his typical humor! Personally, we’re not sold on the two being related, but what do you guys think?

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