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Jogger Hears Rustling Trees. When He Realizes What’s Moving Them, He Leaps Into Action

December 21, 2017

It all started when Jeremy was out on his daily jog. He was running along the same trail he always did, with his running partner, when he heard something that sounded suspicious.

As the pair started running further down the trail, the sound grew louder and louder. They couldn’t quite tell exactly what was causing the commotion, but they knew that they were approaching it. Before they knew it, the sound was directly across from them and they froze at the sight before them.

Jeremy and his running partner were stopped in their tracks - literally. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a ram trapped in a tree. Scared and highly concerned for the ram, Jeremy and his partner began recording the restless movements of the ram.

The ram, also terrified, had his horns completely wrapped around the base of the tree. He began panicking and yanking away from the tree in an effort to save himself. Sadly, he couldn’t break free from the tree base.

Jeremy and his running partner devised a plan to free the ram. Jeremy, very slowly, walked over to the tree and the ram. The ram’s nerves heightened and he began to panic. Jeremy was nervous, too, which upset the ram even more, but he knew that without assistance, the ram wouldn’t make it out and would most likely die.

He pulled down a piece of the tree as a way to leverage himself far enough from the panicked ram but close enough to the base of the tree. The ram was so frightened that he began swinging his body toward Jeremy in an attempt to protect himself. Little did the ram know that Jeremy was trying to save his life.

After several minutes of trying to free him, Jeremy finally managed to pull the base of the tree through the small gap in the ram’s horns. The ram was so excited to be freed from the tree; in fact, he couldn’t run off fast enough!

The jogger was so grateful to have been on the trail at the right time. We are thankful for him and his running buddy, who were so selfless in saving the trapped ram!