Left Alone To Die, This Adorable Little Dog Was Barely Making It On The Streets. Then, He Got The Transformation Of A Lifetime - Literally!

December 12, 2017

In my rescue experience, I have come to find that some of the most neglected animals are capable of showing the most overwhelming love. When animals are rejected, the need for love grows in ways that we could never see coming.

More often than not, when animals are rescued, they remain timid for the first couple instances, but then something remarkable happens; Animals begin to let their guard down when they realize they are safe and invested in. After they’re invested in by someone, the love that they share is truly beautiful.

That’s exactly what happened with Charlie, a Cocker Spaniel/Yellow Lab mix. Charlie was left for dead and was found wandering the roads of Los Angeles, California. When he was first rescued, rescuers had no idea how long he’d been left on his own, but they knew he needed to get care quickly.

Charlie had countless burrs caught in the thick mats of tangled hair, all atop his head. They were inches long and surrounded his head like a helmet. His demeanor was fearful and feeble and he walked slowly due to fatigue and heat exhaustion. Shelter volunteers were concerned as his timid demeanor could work against his adoption odds.

Shortly after he was fed and had rested in a safe place, one very special company saw the potential in Charlie and volunteered to give the pup a free grooming service. Knowing that Charlie had love to give, the groomer made it her mission to show the world that the pooch had a beautiful love to offer.

At first, Charlie was shaking, not knowing what was about to happen to him. As soon as the groomer began shaving large amounts of matted fur off of Charlie, the dog’s spirits lifted. You could see the confidence and hope start to enter Charlie’s eyes as he felt the love and care given to him.

As his hair fell off, so did his past. Charlie was given a bath and, suddenly, hope radiated from his body; Charlie was finally happy. And just two days after being rescued, Charlie was adopted into a loving and caring family. In fact, his family says he is the most loving and tender-hearted dog they’ve ever met! Check out the video, below, to see the miraculous transformation.

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