Looking For a Cute and Simple Craft to Do With Your Favorite Little One? Turn a Few Household Items Into an Adorable Piggy Bank That Both of You Will Love!

November 06, 2017

Looking for a cute and simple craft you can do with your favorite little friend? Follow the tutorial on this video to discover how to magically turn a few household items into an adorable piggy bank that both of you will love. You are sure to cherish not only your beautiful masterpiece but also the time you spend together creating it.

We all have little ones in our lives that we enjoy spending time with. Whether it’s reading a favorite Berenstain Bears book, playing dress-up, or creating a special keepsake like this adorable piggy bank - these moments are precious. The time spent together leaves both parties with memories to last a lifetime.

When memories fade, as they sometimes do, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a sweet memento to remind us of a special afternoon of craft-making? My four-year-old granddaughter is at the perfect age for making crafts and creating colorful keepsakes to commemorate time spent with Gram, and I can’t wait to try this one.

The steps are simple and the supplies are inexpensive.

I can guarantee that, after watching this video, you will rush out to get the supplies and then make a date with your favorite little friend so you can create your very own version of this precious piggy bank. The only problem I see is that you may have a difficult time deciding who gets to keep the finished product! Watch the video, below, to see exactly how to do it.

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